luni, martie 25, 2013

Freedom in the 21st century

You just wake up one day and can’t stop thinking that the world spins around idiotic rules and old conceptions about the way you’re supposed to live your life, the way you should eat, sleep, drink, fuck. 

People try so hard to impregnate their ideology into your brains; and just like the religious fanatics, they’re so buried into what they've been taught that they can’t seem to understand they might be wrong about everything, there’s no recipe for living your life.

I’m not rebelling against anything; it’s not that I would give a fuck about your personal opinion, because I don’t. I’m angry at people not knowing what to do to be fully satisfied, even for a second. I won’t tell anyone how to live their lives because I’m still searching for different ways of enjoying the time that seems to run so fast. The most important thing is freedom, or at least the impression of feeling free.

One sad thing is that we’re not aware of the unwritten rules from this society and some of us walk through this world without even noticing that they’re controlled by every little thing, like advertisements, shoes, newspapers, TV, internet, phones and so on. Your life depends on that thick jacket you bought to keep you warm or on the uncharged phone when you can’t listen to music anymore.

There’s people who walk the streets like brainwashed trained dogs, wagging their tails and responding to the commands they've been taught. Red light, yellow light, green light, WALK. These dogs are happy, they don’t even realize their state of mind, they think everything’s normal. The untrained dogs, the wild ones, let’s say, they’re different. They run and never stop when you yell orders at them. They won’t sit, they’ll show you their teeth in anger and they’ll bite to feel safe.

All of these thoughts mean nothing in a world full of domesticated animals that look at the wild counterpart with confusion, judging what they can’t understand. We've created a world where in order to live a decent life you have to waste 90% of your lifespan and then you get to the point where you ask yourself “what for?”.

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